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Summer Rules

The Board

  1. The board will be a standard darts board – i.e. Numbers 1-20, outer doubles ring, trebles ring, outer bull (25) and inner bull (50). The centre of the bull should be at a height of 5’ 8” above the floor. The oche will be set at a distance of 7’ 6”, measured from the player side of the oche to a line dropped vertically from the front of the board to the floor. Players may choose to stand further away from the board if they so wish.
  2. All venues should endeavour to provide a raised oche to mark the throw; if this is not possible, an immoveable mat or similar item should be used to mark the throw.
  3. The board should be lit by an overhead spotlight.

The Match

  1. Matches will consist of six sets as follows:
  • Three pairs. Best of three legs of 501.
  • Two triples. One leg of 801.
  • One sextet. One leg of 1001.
  • All legs are double start, double finish with NO bust rule. The centre bull counts as a double for the purpose of starting and finishing and scores 50.
  1. Matches should start by 20:30. Teams not in a position to start the match by this time are liable to forfeit the game.
  2. Each team will consist of six players plus any reserves. All players must be registered with the league secretary before being eligible to play. Teams may consist of ladies or gentlemen in any combination (subject to rule 7).
  3. Teams may not play with fewer than four players; in such cases they must concede the match. Teams playing with fewer than six should leave the highest numbered player slots empty. This will result in the third pairs being played one against two (teams of five against six), one against one (teams of five) and being conceded (four against five or six). The second triples and sixes will similarly be affected. In all cases where players are missing, the throw is lost – it is not taken by the remaining players of the side. All six games in the match must be played unless covered by the above – if both teams are playing with four players, the match will consist of one pairs, two singles, two pairs then a fours.
  4. A coin toss will decide first throw in leg 1 of all sets. If a deciding leg is required in pairs sets, a further coin toss will decide first throw.
  5. The home side will chalk all legs.
  6. The throwing order for players will be determined by a draw made by the captains before the start of the match. This draw must be entered on the results card and signed by both captains. All reserves present should be listed on the results card.
  7. Reserves may be introduced into the game before the start of any set. Once a player has been substituted he may not return to game at a later point.
  8. The results of all sets should be recorded on the results card along with the names of players scoring 180 or hitting a finish of 100 or better (these to be initialled by both captains). The highest checkout for the season will be eligible for a trophy.
  9. If a match is forfeit, the non-offending side must send in the result (whether home or away) to the results secretary.
  10. Teams will be awarded one point for each game won, two points for a win and one for a draw. If a match is forfeited, the offending side receive no points – this will entered in the league table immediately. The non-offending team will receive the higher of their own average over the season or the complement of their opponents average (with a minimum of a 4-2 win – six points). These points will be awarded at the end of the season. Average scores will be rounded to the nearest whole number. Examples:
  • The defaulting team average average a 3-3 draw over the season and the non-offending team average a 4-2 win. The non-offending team are awarded a 4-2 win and receive six points (their season average)
  • The defaulting team average a 1-5 loss over the season and the non-offending team average a 4-2 win. The non-offending side are awarded a 5-1 win and receive seven points (the complement of their opponents average)
  • The offending side average a 4-2 win and the non-offending side average a 3-3 draw. The non-offending team are awarded a 4-2 win and receive six points (the minimum result awarded to the non-offending side).
  • 15. Both sides should report the result and any 180s or high check-outs. This can be done by telephone, text, email or sending in a results card (signed by both captains) to the results secretary (by the Saturday after the match). Failure to notify results will result in the team being fined two points for the third result not reported, and a further point for each subsequent result not reported.
  1. The division will be won by the team with the most points at the end of the season. If teams are tied, the team winning the most games will be the winners. If this does not split the teams, the team winning the most legs will be the winners. If this does not split the teams, the winner of the match between the teams will be the winners, and finally if the teams are still level, there will be a play-off.


  1. The league is open to teams from public houses, clubs, etc. Matches are to be played on Monday nights.
  2. Any team wishing to play an under age player must contact the venue before the match to ensure that they will be admitted. The landlord or steward’s decision in such cases is final.
  3. Late player registrations should be sent to the league secretary with the appropriate fee.
  4. Players may transfer between teams during the season if both captains agree and the committee is notified before the player plays for the new team. Transferred players may not represent their new team in the Cup or Plate competitions if they have already played in the competitions for their previous side.
  5. Captains are responsible for the conduct of their players and supporters.
  6. Any matters not covered in these rules should be resolved using the guidelines provided by the BDO on their web site. Any matters still in dispute should be referred to the league secretary.
  7. Up-to-date tables will be posted on the league website.
  8. In all matters concerning the league, the committee’s decision is final.
  9. All League entry fees MUST be paid before fixtures commence, failure to do so could lead to a penalty / disqualification being applied.

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