Roy Fox (General Secretary)

Gareth Smith (Results / Tables Secretary)

Ian Robinson (Committee Member & Web site administrator)

8 thoughts on “LEAGUE OFFICIALS

  1. I senT a form in to do the Summer league as the stirrup cup, was wondering why we didn’t get signed up

    Tina Roberts

  2. to who it may concern me and my freinds are looking to enter a team into the monday 8 summer league if there is one how would we go about entering many thanks Lee

    1. Hi Lee,
      If you email Roy Fox at ruf104@yahoo.co.uk he will take your details and either email or post you the registration form when the time comes. Thanks for your enquiry and look forward to seeing you in the summer.

  3. I am Sport Sec at EAST BELGRAVE Conservative club I am trying to get a team together could you please help and give some information . ie when league starts etc.

    thank you
    Doug Brown

    1. Hi Doug,
      The summer league begins in mid june. Its format is 6 a side, 3pairs, 2 threes and a 6 aside team leg. If you email Roy Fox at ruf104@yahoo.co.uk. He will send you all the info and forms that you will need to get you entered.



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