Jamie Roberts (CHAIRMAN) = 07566238813

Stephen Nelson (VICE CHAIRMAN) = 07712127229

Chris Hopewell (SECRETARY & FIXTURE / COMPS ADMIN) = 07889703430

Ian Robinson (TREASURER & WEB SITE ADMIN) = 07970216106

Danny OConner (COMMITTEE MEMBER) = 07593420483

Mo Wright (COMMITTEE MEMBER) = 07783190269

Pop Atwal (COMMITTEE MEMBER) = 07967575415

Martin Hollingsworth (COMMITTEE MEMBER) = 07874084767

2 thoughts on “LEAGUE OFFICIALS

  1. Hi there,

    I am looking to start a darts team on a Monday night. We have never entered a league before but we have a pub that is happy for us to play there, the railway Inn in Leicester.

    We are keen to get going as soon as possible.
    Can you let me know what the next steps are and what we need to do to join?

    Many thanks,


    1. Hi Darran,
      I gather that the league chairman (Jamie) has been in touch with to let you know some of the details about joining the league. All the info you need will be sent to you in plenty of time for you to join the summer league later in the year.

      Thanks for your enquiry,

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