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  1. Unfortunately if we do not find 2 new players the team ain’t going to last much longer I have lost three players lately and we have no reserves. If I can’t find 2 new players this Monday we prob be our last game more info will follow

  2. westcotes constitutional club,
    124 Wilberforce road le3 0dg
    are you or does anyone know of any dart and snooker teams looking for a venue to play from
    all subs will be paid by club upon receipt

    contact daz on 07893560222

  3. Hi Daz

    Are you able to contact me regards a dart Exhibition night that we are interested to inviting all of your players to at Walkabout on the 17th July. I cannot seem to find an e mail address for you.

    1. Hi Anna,
      I’m not sure who daz is but if its me you are trying to contact then please txt me on 07970216106.

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